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Eerlijk te Huur is the first Dutch housing platform that provides an honest, smart and safe rental process for both house seekers and landlords. Are you already participating?

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What is Eerlijk te Huur?

Eerlijk te Huur is a platform where housing seekers can respond to rental properties completely objectively and anonymously.

Based on reliable government sources, you are a validated candidate in no time and subjective information such as your name or nationality no longer matters!

From scientific research to practice 🚀

News: the first pilot in Rotterdam!

We are more than proud to announce that our first pilot will start in September. Together with the Municipality of Rotterdam, brokerage association VBO and a select group of landlords and intermediaries, in the coming months homes will be offered through Eerlijk te Huur!

rental pilot rotterdam

How does it work?

Finding a suitable rental property is hard enough these days, which is why we do everything we can to make it easier for you!

Create a Woonpaspoort

In your personal Woonpaspoort, you indicate what kind of home you are looking for. Then you complete the passport with information about your household.

Responding to properties

Your Woonpaspoort allows you to respond to homes in one click. All ads comply with the latest regulations. So you get a good picture right away!

The selection of candidates

Both the viewing and the assignment are conducted objectively and anonymously. As a result, everyone has the same opportunity, regardless of your background.

Foreign-sounding names up to 35% less likely of an invitation

Why is this important?

Fewer rental properties, more demand, the rental housing market is crowded. Unfortunately, this also leads to more and more abuses such as discrimination and undermining. This must and can be done differently!

housing discrimination

Experience with already more than 15.000 home sales

About us

We are the team at software company Eerlijk Bieden. We have already developed the Bid Log for the owner-occupied housing market, now it's time for the rental housing market. We believe that using software can make a difference for all involved!

Do you have a question?

Have questions about our platform or how it works? Please feel free to contact us. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible!

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