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Privacy Statement

We value privacy with Fair to Rent, all the more so because of the operation of our platform. How we handle your personal data is described in the privacy policy below. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us at info@eerlijktehuur.nl.

Using Honest to Rent, you collect personal data and automatically pass it on to the party (Broker or Landlord related to the property you are responding to). The collected data is only transmitted by us to these parties when you express interest in a property to which they are linked. The party receiving the personal data may only use it for the purpose for which it was collected and for which you have given your consent.

What data is collected?

To respond to a property, you need to share several pieces of information. These data are requested to validate your identity, but also to make a selection between the different applicants. The data requested is described below:

Validation identity:

When logging in to MijnOverheid, personal data is collected, such as your name, date of birth and the number of children you have. If one does not have access to DigiD, these data are retrieved using a copy of the ID document in combination with a photo of the person to verify authenticity. Only the name and date of birth are stored for this validation, other sensitive data such as document data or BSN numbers are ignored. For more information on the exact processing of data, please refer to the following page: https://www.veriff.com/privacy-notice

Address information:

When logging into MijnOverheid, data is collected on both your current address and the addresses registered with the land registry. This data is collected for party filing purposes.

Contact details:

Contact information is used when creating an account and is also used in securing the account. This includes the email address and phone number of the main resident(s).

Income data:

In Fair to Rent, income data are mainly based on monthly incomes retrieved from My UWV. Annual income data are also obtained by logging into MijnBelastingdienst.

In addition to your own personal data, MijnOverheid also contains the personal data of your children, parents and (former) partners. For more information about this display and processing, Honest to Rent refers to the privacy statement and frequently asked questions of MijnOverheid. Honest to Rent has no control over the processing of personal data by MijnOverheid. Honest to Rent recognizes that these are personal data of third parties and will ignore them whenever possible.

Income data based on PSD2:

With your consent and where applicable, Fair to Rent collects bank transaction information through a PSD2-licensed link with your bank for the purpose of transmitting verified monthly income to the Party. Your bank transactions may contain sensitive information about your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership. Fair to Rent ignores such information and only obtains insight into the name and IBAN of third parties visible in the transaction summary by collecting your bank transactions. Only verified monthly income is shared after verification and express consent from you.

Automated checks

Based on a combination of personal data, third-party automated checks are performed to provide the party with a better picture of the anonymized candidate profiles:


The KYC check checks natural persons for pending sanctions, adverse media, PEP screening and other facts to be investigated by the party for the purpose of selecting a tenant. This screening is automated using the identity information of all persons within a household who have signed up as a Main Tenant within the Honest to Rent platform. The screening is carried out by SCOPE Marketing Technology B.V., https://scope.nl/

Credit Check:

In order to get a better picture of a prospective tenant's creditworthiness, automated credit checks are performed for all persons within a household who have signed up as a Main Tenant within the Honest to Rent platform. The screening is performed by EDR Credit Services B.V., https://www.edrcreditservices.nl/

The processing of these personal data is subject to the Privacy Statement of the third party that receives or collects your (personal) data through Honest to Rent. You can consult the Privacy Statement on the website of the third parties themselves. 

Sharing data when helping or contacting

If you have a question about our platform via the contact form on our website or the chat application, the following personal data will be stored:

Contact form:

When using the contact form, your name, e-mail addresses, phone number are collected so that any questions can be answered.

Chat application:

When using the contact form, your name, e-mail addresses, phone number and IP address are collected so that any questions can be answered.


Fair to Rent has implemented various technical and organizational security measures to protect the data we manage from inadvertent or malicious manipulation, loss, destruction and unauthorized access. Our security procedures are regularly updated using new technologies.

Retention period

When you create your account, various personal data are collected from all main tenants within your household. This data will remain securely stored until you explicitly delete it yourself by, for example, deleting your account. 

If you do not find a home within 90 days, we will automatically delete your household's data after which you will need to validate it again.

By responding to properties with the party, you share anonymized personal data about your household, such as whether the household income is sufficient in accordance with the income requirement. The anonymized data used to find a suitable candidate will be kept for up to 2 years for the benefit of the party. The anonymized data will also be kept for the party when you yourself have deleted your account. 

Once you have reached an agreement with the party, all personal data collected is shared with the landlord or broker through Honest to Rent. The platform keeps the data for a maximum of 14 days after allocation, after which it is deleted. Other retention periods apply to other parties such as the landlord or broker. These depend on the legal basis for the party, for example, there are different rules for landlords and brokers regarding the long-term retention of data about you as a tenant. Please consult the party if you wish to receive more information about this. 

Your rights as a user

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) grants several rights to you as an individual. When using Fair to Rent, we are happy to explain how these rights are set up. When you want to invoke these rights, we first verify your identity to make sure we are contacting the right person. This verification process includes, for example, asking some identifying questions.

Right of access:

As a user of Fair to Rent, you can see all data retrieved (semi-) automatically from the various sources after multiple verification.

Right to rectification or modification:

Personal data derived from government source systems cannot be modified in the Fair to Hire platform. The results from the automated checks can be viewed and changed at the relevant third parties if necessary.

Right or delete data:

As a user, you are entitled to delete your personal data at any time subject to the above exceptions by deleting your personal account.

Right to object:

You may express to the party your objection to the processing of personal data.

Right regarding automated decision-making:

In Fair to Hire, automatic decisions are never made. Party is, however, advised in for example the selection of candidates based on a comparison of only objective personal data. If you object to this, please send Eerlijk te Huur an email at info@eerlijktehuur.nl.


Eerlijk te Huur, trade name for Eerlijk te Huur b.v., located at Spaarne 17, 2011 CD in Haarlem, is responsible for the processing of personal data as reflected in this privacy statement.

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